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Danielle Policaro

Private Speech Therapist

Speech Therapy for Children

Personalized speech therapy services for children of all ages to help them overcome communication challenges and achieve their full potential.

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Speech and Language Evaluations

Thorough assessment and diagnosis of speech and language disorders for individuals of all ages.

Fluency Therapy


Specialized therapy for stuttering and other fluency disorders to improve fluency and confidence in communication.

Articulation Therapy

Targeted therapy to improve the production of speech sounds for clearer communication.

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Cognitive-Communication Therapy

Tailored therapy to improve the quality and clarity of the voice for more effective communication.

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Language Therapy

Comprehensive therapy to improve language skills including vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and pragmatics.

Voice Therapy


Tailored therapy to improve the quality and clarity of the voice for more effective communication.


The Process

Let's Connect


Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance for private speech therapy sessions, but I am happy to provide clients with a receipt to submit for potential reimbursement.

How can I schedule an appointment, and what is your cancellation policy?

To schedule an appointment, clients can call or email me directly. My cancellation policy requires 24-hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling.

What can I expect during a typical therapy session?

During a typical therapy session, clients can expect to engage in various activities and exercises that target their specific speech or language goals. These activities may involve practicing sounds, words, sentences, or conversational skills, as well as using visual aids or technology to support communication.

Do you offer teletherapy services?

Yes, I offer teletherapy services for clients who prefer to receive therapy from the comfort of their own home or who may have difficulty attending in-person sessions.

How do you measure progress, and how will I know if therapy is working?

I use a variety of standardized assessments and informal measures to track progress and determine if therapy is effective. Additionally, clients can expect to receive ongoing feedback and updates on their progress throughout their therapy journey.

What resources or materials can I access to support my progress outside of therapy?

I offer a range of resources and materials to support clients' progress outside of therapy, including home practice activities, recommended apps or websites, and educational materials related to their specific communication needs.

Still have questions?

Please contact me directly for more information.